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اسئلة نصف السنة للصف الثالث المتوسط

منتدى مدرسي اللغة الانكليزية English Teachers

اسئلة نصف السنة للصف الثالث المتوسط

AL-TAWHEED SECONDARY SCHOOL FOR BOYS Mid-Year Examination in English / January – 2012 THIRD INTERMEDIATE CLASS TIME: 2HOURS Q1: Read the following passage carefully: (10 Marks

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[font=]Mid-Year Examination in English / January – 2012[/font][font=][/font]
[font=]TIME: 2HOURS[/font]
[font=] [/font]
[font=]Q1: Read the following passage carefully: (10 Marks

[font=] [/font][font=]The famous writer Charles Dickens was born near London in 1812. At school he was a clever child and enjoyed reading from a very young age. I[/font][font=]n[/font][font=] his late teens [/font][font=]h[/font][font=]e even invented stories of his own for fun. Around this time, Dickens's family became poor and he had to work for ten hours a day in a dirty factory. The work was hard and the workers were treated unfairly. When his own family was wealthy again and he no longer had to work, Dickens did not forget what he had experienced. He was very caring and he wanted to help those who were less lucky than himself. [/font][font=]He became an author and published many books about the suffering of the poor. The books made him immediately famous and people all around the world were reading what he had to say. The success of Dickens's stories made politicians try to improve working conditions for the poor in Britain.[/font]
[font=][/font][font=]Choose the correct answer [/font]
[font=]1- Dickens was born in............................... . ([/font][font=]Wales – Scotland – England)[/font]
[font=]2- Dickens worked [/font][font=]........... [/font][font=] as a teenager. (in a bookshop –in a school – in a factory)[/font]
[font=]3- Charles Dickens was famous for his work [/font][font=]...................(in a factory – as a writer – as a politician)[/font]
[font=]4- Dickens was interested in helping the poor because [/font][font=]..............................[/font][font=]. .[/font]
[font=](he was a doctor – he knew how difficult their lives could be – hewanted to earn money)[/font]
[font=]5- The success of hisstories had a direct influence on ........................... . (politicians –Londoners – the wealthy[/font][font=])[/font]
[font=] [/font][font=] [/font]
[font=]Q2: Do as required: (5only) (10 Marks)[/font]
[font=]1: What level (be) you in last year? (Past Simple)[/font]
[font=]2: Waleed is (tall) student in our class.(Superlative Adjective)[/font][font=][/font]
[font=]3: They always (send) me ane-mail. (Present Simple)[/font]
[font=]4: Jeans are (trendy) than trousers thisyear. (Comparative Adjective)[/font]
[font=]5: I'm (not play) volleyball. (PresentContinuous)[/font]
[font=]6: [/font][font=]He usually takes his brother with him[/font][font=]. ( Present Simple: Question)[/font][font=][/font]
[font=] [/font]
[font=]Q3: [/font][font=]Complete the sentences by choosing the correct word: (10Marks)[/font]
[font=]1: [/font][font=]There is............ good on television this evening.. (nothing – something –everything)[/font]
[font=]2: Did you throw it ……… the waste bin? (into – at – on)[/font]
[font=]3: On her feet, she is wearing ………….. .( earing – boots – sweat shirt)[/font]
[font=]4: ………….. is a school near my house. (What – It – There)[/font]
[font=]5: We went ……… .We saw lots of animals in the wild,including lions and tigers. [/font][font=][/font]
[font=] ( trekking – sightseeing – on safari )[/font]
[font=]6: There is …………. In the class. It's empty.( no one – anyone – anything )[/font]
[font=] [/font]
[font=]Q4:[/font][font=] [/font][font=]A// [/font][font=]Complete thisdialogue with ** from the list: (5 Marks)[/font][font=][/font]
(100,000IQD -please - How much -How long -I'mafraid) [/font]
[font=]Receptionist[/font][font=]: Good morning. Can I help you?[/font][font=][/font]
[font=]Visitor[/font][font=]: Good morning. I'd like a single room with a bathroom,(1)…….[/font][font=][/font]
[font=]Receptionist[/font][font=]: (2)………there are no single rooms, only doubleroom.[/font][font=][/font]
[font=]Visitor[/font][font=]: ([/font][font=]3)………is a double room?[/font][font=][/font]
[font=]Receptionist[/font][font=]: (4)……..a night, sir.[/font][font=][/font]
[font=]Visitor[/font][font=]: ok.[/font][font=][/font]
[font=]Receptionist[/font][font=]: (5)……..are you staying?[/font][font=][/font]
[font=]Visitor[/font][font=]: Well, just one night, I think[/font][font=].[/font]
[font=] [/font][font=]B// Completethe dialogue with the **s from the list (5 Marks)
[font=] (couldI have – please – I’d like – excuse me – thank you)
Huda: (1) ............?
Waiter: Yes, Madam.
Huda: (2) ............ a menu, please?
Waiter: Of course, here you are, Madam.
Huda: (3) ............ . (4) ............ some spaghetti, please.
Waiter: OK. And what would you like todrink?
Huda: Mineral water, (5)............ . [/font]
[font=]Q5:[/font][font=] [/font][font=]Choose the correct meaning for these words. [/font][font=](10 Marks )[/font]
[font=]1-crowded :- (a- not clean b- with a lot of people c- small )[/font]
[font=]2- freezing :- ( a- very windy b- very ra c- very cold )[/font]
[font=]3- cockroach :- (a- a noisy animal b- an insect c- a big animal )[/font]
[font=]4- rude :- (a- not polite b- friendly c- shy )[/font]
[font=]5- snail :- (a big animal b- a small animal with no legs c- a small insect)[/font][font=][/font]
[font=] [/font]
[font=]Q6 [/font][font=]LiteratureSpot (10 marks)[/font][font=][/font]
[font=] [/font][font=]Answer thefollowing questions:[/font][font=][/font][font=]''The Prince and ThePauper''[/font][font=][/font][font=](5 only)[/font][font=][/font]
[font=]1:[/font][font=] [/font][font=][/font][font=]Who was Andrew?[/font][font=][/font][font=][/font]
[font=]2: Why didEdward want to be Tom?[/font]
[font=]3: Who died in the story?[/font]
[font=]4: Why did the stamp important in the story?[/font]
[font=]5: Where did Tom live?[/font]
[font=]6: **** the writer of the story[/font]
[font=]Q7: [/font][font=]The Written Component: Choose A or B [/font][font=]( 10 Marks ) [/font]
[font=] A// Write a holiday postcard to a friend a friend using the following clues: [/font]
[font=] -The place (country – city )[/font]
[font=] -Who is with you ( family – friend )[/font]
[font=] -Where are you staying? ( hotel –apartment )[/font]
[font=] -The weather / the food /the people[/font]
[font=] - What is there to see?[/font]
[font=] B//Write a de**ion of a person you know well. The following information will help you:[/font][font=]

[font=] Paragraph 1: **** – age – from – livesin – family[/font]
[font=] Paragraph 2: hair – face – looks like[/font]
[font=] Paragraph 3: habits – clothes – type of person[/font]
[font=]GOOD LUCK[/font]

[table] [tr] [td]
[font=]Teacher in-charge: Zaid Samir Y.[/font]
[/td] [/tr][/table]
[font=] [/font]

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Lightbulb اسئلة نصف السنة للصف الثالث المتوسط

Thank you
God bless you
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Question اسئلة نصف السنة للصف الثالث المتوسط

الشكر كل الشكر لك أخي زيد على هذه الأسئلة اللطيفة و الشاملة. أريد أن أبدي بعض الملاحظات إن سمحت لي بذلك:
من الأفضل أن نجعل سؤال القواعد من فرعين أو حتى ثلاث لتنويع نمط الأسئلة و إعطاء فرصة إظافية للطالب ليجمع درجات إظافية و ذلك ينطبق أيضا على سؤال المفردات.
الجملة الأولى في السؤال الثالث مربكة للطالب حيث انها قد تحل بطريقتين something أو nothing كلاهما صحيح.
حسب التقسيم الوزاري للدرجات هناك سؤالين متشابهين يجب ان يتوفرا في امتحان نصف السنة كما في الامتحانات الشهرية الا و هما function file و oral component و لكل منهما 10 درجات و حضرتك أعطيت لكل منهما 5 درجات.
كان من الأفضل أن يكون السؤال الخامس فرعا آخر للسؤال الثالث و لكل منهما 5 درجات اذ انه كالسؤال الثالث يناقش المفردات.
السؤال الرابع من أسئلة القصة why did the stamp important in the story يجب تغيير did إلى was

أرجو لك كل التوفيق و اعتذر منك مجددا على الإطالة
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